ACEA and USQ Webinar – Inside Out Exchange Program and Think Tanks: Transformation, change and empowerment with Dr Marietta Martinovic 1.00pm – 2.00pm (AEST), Thursday September 23

The fourth webinar in this series will feature Dr Marietta Martinovic, Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Justice. RMIT Australian Inside Out Prison Exchange Program Manager.

This webinar discusses the ideology, the operation and the impact of prison-based Inside Out Prison Exchange programs and Think Tanks which were established over the last six years at five Victorian prisons. These programs simultaneously engage university students and incarcerated individuals in higher education and policy making. Evaluations have shown transformational impact for both cohorts. University students have described the learning as an unforgettable, life-changing experience, which will empathetically guide their future practice and decision-making in the criminal justice system. Simultaneously, incarcerated students have built their self-esteem, motivation, and critical thinking skills.

Dr Marietta Martinovic (BA, Sir John Minogue Medal, MA, APA, PhD) Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Justice at RMIT University in Melbourne in Australia.

Dr Martinovic has been leading the development and implementation of the first Australian Inside Out Prison Exchange program, which simultaneously engages university students and prisoners in university-level education. She has also been leading three prison-based Think Tanks. Based on teaching in prisons Marietta has received two prestigious RMIT Teaching Excellence Awards

Please note that the presentation is pre-recorded and that the webinar session as whole is not recorded.

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