ACEA and USQ Webinar – Unlocking a Future – Career education can be one of the keys Sarah Mitchell 1.00pm – 2.00pm (AEDST), Thursday October 21

The fifth webinar in this series will feature Sarah Mitchell, a career development practitioner with the University of Southern Queensland Careers and Employability.

This webinar explores the notion that Career education can have a positive impact on how individuals navigate their time spent in Prison and their transition to life post their incarceration. In this webinar, Sarah will provide an outline of the career development strategies she has found useful when working with incarcerated individuals and share an overview of the resources that are available to anyone who shares an interest in being a career ally in this setting.

Sarah Mitchell (BA. Med) a Career development practitioner with the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

Sarah Mitchell is working with current and prospective students to assist them integrate their tertiary education into the ongoing management of their careers and collaborating with Academics to embed career education into curriculum. Sarah has also worked in a number of USQ HEPPP funded projects, Making Career Choice and Making the Connection, where the projects’ aims were to improve the access, participation and success of students from communities underrepresented in higher education. Through this work Sarah designed, developed and implemented a range of career programs in partnership with community organisations; assisting individuals from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait islander backgrounds, CALD backgrounds and individuals currently incarcerated.  

Please note that the presentation is pre-recorded and that the webinar session as whole is not recorded.

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