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Supporting ideas and values for education and training in correctional settings

ACEA provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and values pertaining to education and training programs provided in correctional settings and to people on corrections orders in the general community. ACEA also seeks to influence policy makers and other interested parties in developing effective education programs for people in correctional settings.

Notice of Special General Meeting

Notice is given that a Special General Meeting of the members of the Australasian Corrections Education Association Inc will be held on Friday 19 August 2022, at 2:00pm (AEST), via Teams.

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The special general meeting will be for the purpose of:

* Considering and, if thought appropriate, passing the special resolution detailed below, and
* Assisting the Executive Committee in and/or endorsing the appointment of association members to fill the following casual vacancies*:
On the Executive Committee
* Treasurer – Please email expressions of interest to
* Information & Communications Officer – Endorsement will be sought for the appointment of Tarryn Jones to the position.
On the Advisory Council
* ACT Representative – Endorsement will be sought for the appointment of Sasha Posthuma to the position.
* Victorian Representative – Please email expressions of interest to
*Appointees filling casual vacancies will hold office until elections held at the next annual general meeting, scheduled for November, 2022.
The meeting will be immediately followed by a 30 minute presentation by Dr Lorna Barrow, titled:
The delivery and problems associated with innovative learning to the prison student population: Working towards a better outcome 

The special resolution to be considered by members at the special general meeting is:
Part 1. That the objects of the Australasian Corrections Education Association Inc be changed, such that the association adopt Version: August 2022, which reads:
“Objects of the association:
(1) To support educators, trainers, volunteers, researchers and other interested parties associated with delivering education and training to people in secure justice settings.
(2) To facilitate providing quality accredited and non-accredited education for youth and adults detained within secure justice settings.
(3) To promote the value of quality education and training for all people detained within secure justice settings to government authorities in Australasia.
(4) To advocate for the importance of education and training as part of effective rehabilitation programs that foster reintegration and increase desistance.
in place of the version recorded on the Application for Incorporation, 2004, which reads:
“To provide support + information for teachers working in prisons + juvenile justice centres.”
Part 2. That the constitution of the Australasian Corrections Education Association Inc be changed, such that the association adopt Version: August 2022 in place of Version: August 2009.

This is proposed as a special resolution and must be passed by three quarters of the members who are present at the meeting and entitled to vote on the resolution, and who do vote, in accordance with section 39 of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW).

Comment by Executive Committee
The Executive Committee unanimously believes that a change of the association’s objects and constitution is in the best interests of all members. This is primarily to ensure that governance of the association is guided by objects and a constitution which is compliant with current legislative requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW) and the Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016 (NSW). Proposed changes to the objects and constitution of the association have also been made to reflect and maximise the association’s capacity to respond to changes in education provision in secure youth justice in Australasia over the past decade. 
All inquiries relating to the special resolution should be directed to the Vice_President, Stavroola Anderson, email:; telephone: +61 427 681 678.
H. Farley, President (28 July 2022)
by authority of the Executive Committee

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COVID-19 presents Australian society with one of its more formidable challenges in a very long period of time. Whether external or internal to the correctional system, governments currently consider educators a vital component of their efforts to retain order and provide large numbers of people with hope for the future. Their belief in correctional educators is well placed, as they are experienced in providing the tuition, support and encouragement that those tasks require. 

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