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By becoming a member of ACEA, you join an Australasian and global community of educators, trainers, volunteers, administrators, and researchers committed to facilitating high quality education provision for youth and adults detained within secure justice settings. You support the transmission of best practice education for secure justice settings, and gain access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and professional development initiatives aimed at enhancing your skills and knowledge in this field. Joining ACEA empowers you to contribute to the advancement of education and research, helping people detained within secure justice settings change their lives for the better.

Membership categories and fees:

  1. Individual Membership
    • Ordinary – $50
    • Student – $30
    • Lived Experience – $30
  2. Organisational Membership
    • Group (Up to 5) – $200
    • Group (6 to 10) – $300
    • Group (11 to 25) – $500
    • Group (26 to 60) – $1000
    • Whole of Service (61 to 150) – $3000
    • Whole of Service (151 to 500) – $5000

Membership terms:

All amounts are in Australian Dollars.

Membership remains current for 12 months from the date of registration.

Pro-rata membership terms are not available.

Membership payments are to be made using credit/ debit card and are processed securely through the Stripe Payment Gateway.

Organisational membership allows individual member details to be entered and website access to be provided up to the maximum number listed within the subscription category.

Please email if an alternative payment method is required for Whole of Service Membership.

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