ACEA and USQ Webinar – Green on Green – training Peer Tutors to support incarcerated students 1.00pm (AEST), Thursday July 22 2021

The second webinar in this series will feature the Wolston Correctional Centre Education team.

Working with incarcerated students can be the most rewarding, challenging & demanding job, especially for Peer Tutors with no formal teaching experience!

This interactive & engaging session will take you through the trials, tribulations & successes involved in the introduction of a teacher training course for Peer Tutors in a men’s high security protection prison.

Please note that the webinar is not recorded.

Rufus James

Rufus James is currently an Education Officer at a men’s high security protection prison in Brisbane.

In previous lives she has been an Academic Manager, university lecturer, CELTA trainer, NEAS Quality Assurance Assessor, chalet maid & lifeguard.

Professionally, she is interested in authentic & inspirational leadership, education as a rehabilitative tool & positive psychology. On a talented amateur basis, she is a lover of terrible puns, Norwich City FC & travel (muffled sob).

Shelagh Trusselle

When not changing the world for the better as an Education Officer with Queensland Corrective Services for the past 17 years, Shelagh is also a tenor drummer with a pipe band, a member of the Irish Club and a committee member of the Celtic Council of Queensland.

She is active and enthusiastic about maintaining and promoting Celtic culture in Queensland and sees education as the key to unlocking the past and changing the future.

Alisa Ljukovac

Alisa Ljukovac is passionate in assisting prisoners with their rehabilitation and re-integration process.

She completed a Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies (majoring in Criminal Justice) in 2009 through Southern Cross University.

Alisa’s career in the criminal sector began in 2008 working as a clerk for the Magistrates court. She recognises the important role that education plays with assisting prisoners in bettering themselves and expanding their employability options once back in the community.